Friday, May 13, 2005

Chicken skewers with cashew sauce

On my last birthday i received a cook book from my boyfriend's parents, in swedish (because i am practicing and trying to learn while i'm living here) called "Kärlek, oliver och timjan" (which freely translates to "Love, olives and thyme"). I used it last night for the first time, so i went for the random page selection, and landed on chicken satay, which is something i've never tried to make before. It was simpler than i thought, although a bit time consuming, but definately worth it. It's as simple as this (my way was slightly different, i didn't have exactly the same ingredients as in the book):
Make a marinade by combining curry powder, cumin powder, a whole chopped chili pepper and three cloves of garlic. First you put the powdered spices in the pan and let them roast up for about a minute and then add some olive oil (always olive oil) and the rest of the ingredients.
While it's preparing, cut up some chicken fillets (i used 3 of those for 2 people) in cubes. When the marinade has cooked for a couple of minutes (don't let the garlic get too dark, or else it gets bitter), rub it all over the chicken cubes with some salt and leave it to marinate. The recipe said 2-3 hours, but meh, i didn't have that long so it was about 30 mins for me.
After that, you put the chicken bits on skewers and roast them in the oven (i used the oven grill). The peanut sauce i made with cashew nuts instead of regular ones. For no reason. All it takes is an onion and 3 more garlic cloves fried in a bit of oil, and then you add about 200 grams of nuts, ground nicely in the blender, some salt, some chili powder or cayenne pepper, a couple of teaspoons of honey, about 2-3 deciliters of water and one dl of milk. You're supposed to use coconut milk, but I used regular milk with some dried ground coconut. And bob's your uncle really. You can serve it with a nice rice (basmati works lovely). It's the über, really.


At Friday, May 13, 2005 1:25:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmmm, sounds really yummy! I wish I was in your bf's shoes so I could have tasted some too. Keep the cooking advices coming! :)


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