Friday, May 13, 2005

Feta, a couple of variations

I love feta. I am greek so it makes sense really, it's the cheese that no one in Greece goes without. I have a couple of thingies i like to do with it on a regular basis. Such as:
Spicy feta dip.
Extremely simple and always good, for those who appreciate a bit of spice. Just take a piece of feta, size is not really important, it all depends on how much you want to make, and mash it with a fork. To make it all saucy, add a little bit of water, some olive oil and a touch of vinegar. The quantity of the fluids should always be small to begin with, and you can add as you go along, so you don't make it too wet to begin with. The only other thing you need is a touch of spice. You may use whatever you'd like to make it spicy, the easiest thing being chilli powder. You can also use actual fresh chilli peppers, preferably lightly roasted, so you can remove the skin and make it easier for you to mash them into the mixture.
And also:
Peppers stuffed with feta.
For this one you can use any type of sweet pepper that's not too big in size. Preferably the longer, green type. You simply make a cut on the pepper lenghtwise and stuff it with feta. If you want you can secure it a little bit with a toothpick. Then you put it in the oven, sprinkling some salt over it and a bit of olive oil and bake them until the skin looks like it can be pulled off easily. Serve with a bit of vinegar over them. ├┐ummy :D


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