Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Guacamole ! Posted by Hello

I have been having crazy cravings for avocado lately (in any shape, size or form, as long as the colour is acid green). It's a tad weird, seeing as i had never had avocado before i came to Sweden (poor moi). My mother, always the traditional greek cook, had never used it because she had tasted it once and had forever prounounced it to be bland, yucky and tasting like butter. Such a shame, because when these babies are ripe, they can be pretty tasty. So last night we had guacamole and corn chips for dinner (ha!):
You need about 2-3 soft, ripe avocados, an onion, salt, a little bit of cayenne and some garlic powder and the juice of one lemon. Throw it all in the blender and you have yourself a nice green dip :) (i also cheated a little bit and i added a splash of vinegar.. i always seem to miss the vinegar in dips of all sorts. But it's up to you).


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