Friday, June 10, 2005

My own private potato gratin

So you see, this one is all mine baby, i came up with it all on my own, so i hope Jamie Oliver won't be ripping this one off! :P Ok here goes
Take your potatoes, peel them and place them in a plate or some kind of bowl and then nuke them whole for at least 10 minutes at top heat, or until they are all soft and *almost* done. Take them out, wait for them to cool down so you don't burn your delicate fingers, and then slice them thickly and layer them on a rather big baking tray. As always, quantities are yours to fiddle with. Then you slice one large onion, one large zucchini, one smallish broccoli (no objections here, it's a great match for everything else and it's also good for you.) and one bell pepper, preferably red or yellow. Or orange. Then layer all this in with the potatoes, salt everything and mix it all up with your hands. On top of that add olive oil (not too much, this is after a swedish inspired recipe..) and a mix of 2-3 eggs, some milk, salt, pepper and paprika (you can mix these in a blender or something). Feel free to tweak and add your own veg items or whatever. Make sure it's wet enough, but not too wet ;) Then you side it in the oven, and bake for , say, at least half an hour at 200-250 degrees. Basically you'll see when it's done by the nice crust. As long as the top isn't black, you're good to go ;) This item can be nicely combined with a side of some kind of meat, or even on its own it's pretty filling.


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