Thursday, May 19, 2005

Two quick dips

I got a craving for some yummy goo this evening, something i could dip some bread in, for a quick tasty fix. I ended up with two. Read on.
The first one was made with a can of chick peas and a can of sweet corn. Combine the two in the blender along with one not too big onion, some olive oil, salt, the juice of a lemon and just grind it all up. It's like a variation on hoummous.
The second, which is one of my all time favourites and a common greek favourite, is eggplant dip. You make this with one or two eggplants, which you must first bake in the oven. Wrap each eggplant in tin foil and place in the oven at abouot 200 degrees. You should poke them with a knife or fork to make sure they cook all the way to the center. You can check on them every once in a while, and you'll know they are ready when they get really really soft and soggy. Then you put them in the blender along with some garlic (start with one clove and work your way up after you've tasted it, to make sure you don't make it too hot), olive oil, salt and vinegar. You can also add some sweet, red bell pepper. About half to being with, so its taste doesn't overpower the eggplant. I really love this one and make it almost every time we have people over for dinner. Make sure you let it cool down before you eat it, so all the flavours can be infused.


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